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Recent Stories and Features

Food and Farming

Daily Mail: 'The milkshake that would make Homer Simpson blush. Krispy Kreme's latest drink contains more calories than burger and chips.' 21/09/14
Daily Mail: 'How fruit juice has turned into junk food.' 27/06/14
Daily Mail: 'How the world went nuts for Nutella.' 26/05/14
Daily Mail:  'The Deadly Diesel Deception: We were bullied into buying diesel cars to help fight global warming. Now experts say 'green' fuel is killing us.' 01/05/14
Daily Mail: 'Why we should all go nuts for nuts.' 29/11/13
Daily Mail Femail: 'Why those supermarket half price deals aren't the bargains they seem.' 27/11/13
Daily Mail: 'Up to 16,000 hens crammed into a shed, and many NEVER see daylight. But believe it or not, these are free range chickens.' 16/11/13
Daily Mail: 'Tea bags - the new enemy of the planet!' 02/07/13
The Observer: 'Wine tasting - it's junk science.' 23/06/13
The Sunday Times: 'How herpes hit the price of fish.' 23/06/13
The Times: 'How to make the perfect cup of tea.' 08/06/13.
Daily Mail: 'Are no calorie noodles the Holy Grail of dieting?' 25/02/13
Daily Mail: 'Time to ration your rashers! Can't resist a bacon sandwich? When you've read what's really in it, you may have second thoughts.' 20/08/12
Daily Mail: 'So what ingredients really go into a hot dog? Read on and you may never want to eat a frankfurter again.' 19/07/12
Daily Mail: 'Dying for a sausage? As yet another study says too much red meat could kill us, the truth is you don't need to give up that juicy steak completely.'  14/03/12
Sunday Times: 'King Goes Bananas for Fair Trade.' 04/03/12

Technology and Transport

Daily Mail: 'How high-tech cars without keys have put thieves back in the driving seat.' 12/08/14
Daily Mail: 'As even the PM says he can't make calls on holiday... Why are our mobile phone signals so patchy?' 24/06/14
Sunday Times: 'Slimline turbine puts wind powered railways on track.' 30/03/14.
Daily Mail: 'Pilots dozing at 30,000ft? It may be the stuff of nightmares but it is terrifyingly common.' 27/09/13
Daily Mail: 'Would you fly on a plane with no pilot? As the first passenger plane with no one at the controls roars over Britain, passengers could soon face a worrying dilemma.'  16/05/13
Daily Mail: 'The great printer ink rip off.'  06/03/13
Daily Mail: 'Why blasting into space is safer than walking.' 14/02/13
Daily Mail: 'Why don't cars have spare tyres any more?' 07/11/12
Daily Mail: 'So what DID cause the Costa Concordia to hit the rocks?' 16/01/12


Daily Mail: 'The bugs that want to wreck your summer. Think you're seeing more creepy crawlies this year? You're right - and they're bigger than ever.' 26/07/14
Institute of Food Technologists Future Food 2050: 'Ending food waste in the developed world.' 18/06/14
Land Business: 'Liquid Assets: Why it pays to keep your water clean.' 27/03/14
Guardian: 'Africa's mines ditch polluting practices to produce first Fairtrade gold.'  06/09/13
Daily Mail: 'The 15 ton fat berg that nearly gave Britain a nasty suprise - how our love of cooking oil and take away food is leading to a rise in giant sewer blockages.' 08/08/13
Daily Mail Femail: 'Are mosquitoes really attracted to some people more than others?' 08/08/13
Daily Mail: 'The dreaded alien eating your garden and home - Japanese knotweed and the attack of the clones.' 09/07/13
Daily Mail: 'Thought the threat to our noble ash was over? They could all be diseased in 10 years.' 14/05/13
Observer: 'Nine gardening myths debunked.' 28/04/13
The Sunday Times: 'Gardens bubble over as more Britons take the hot tub plunge.' 21/04/13
Daily Mail: 'Cuddliest twins in the jungle: Young gorillas get a hug from mum after a busy day exploring the forest.'  21/03/13
My.Life.Style: 'Veg to plant now.' 18/03/13
My.Life.Style: 'Allotments - a beginner's guide.' 29/01/13
My.Life.Style: 'Wet, wet, wet - my top tips.' 25/01/13
My.Life.Style: 'What you need to know about fracking.' 10/01/13
My.Life.Style: 'Green motoring - keeping down the cost of petrol.' 09/01/13
My.Life.Style: 'Turn down your TV and other money saving tips.' 09/01/13
Daily Mail: 'Taking a shower rather than a bath to save energy? It might be money down the drain.' 28/11/12
Daily Mail: 'Analysis: The French are a law unto themselves.' 13/10/12
Daily Mail: 'Now there's more ice at the South Pole than ever.' 12/10/12
Daily Mail: 'Groomed for stardom... the catwalk canines.' 10/10/12
Daily Mail: 'But Mum I don't need a bath! Orphan ape Mr Bernie, two, does all he can to avoid getting his fur wet.' 28/09/12
Daily Mail: 'Thought these floods were bad? Here's why it will only get worse.' 27/09/12
The Sunday Times: 'Turn out the lights, Isle of Wight.' 23/09/12
Daily Mail: 'Invasion of the slugs.' 03/07/12
Land Business: 'Is this the wettest drought on record?' Spring/Summer
The Times: 'Green fingers need only tap and app for some earthy facts.' 15/06/12
Reader's Digest (Europe) June 2012 'Green Heroes'
'Plus de petrole mais des idees!' (France)
'Zeleni junaki.' (Slovenia)
'Eco heroes' (Spain)
'Grüne Helden' (Germany)
Reader's Digest (Europe) June 2012 'Green Gadgets'
'Energia para Todos' (Portugal)
'Power to the People' (India)
'Recharger vos batteries.' (France)
'Energia dla ludzi' (Poland)
Daily Mail: 'Moths on the munch? Put your woollies in the freezer and other tips to get rid of pests.'  25/04/12
Daily Mail: 'Hosepipe ban leaves customers baffled.' 30/03/12
Sunday Times: 'Cut the volts for shock savings.' 25/03/12
Daily Mail: 'How do you treat a gorilla with a gunshot wound? (Answer: very, very carefully!). 15/03/12
Daily Mail: 'The Drought Divide: The North West of Britain is awash with water. But unless it rains for six weeks, the East is in for a long, thirsty summer.' 21/02/12
Sunday Times: 'Fill it up on premium seaweed: researchers are looking to turn sugars found in marine crops into biofuel.' 12/02/12
Daily Mail: 'Half a million street lights go out in Blackout Britain - councils blames cuts as steets are left in darkness.'  06/02/12
Sunday Times: 'One has gone green. But the company behind the hydropower for Windsor Castle has put new projects on hold.' 15/01/12
Daily Mail: 'I wanna be like you: Kanzi, the ape was HAS learned the secret of man's red fire.' 30/12/11
Sunday Times: 'Thousands at risk of turbine hum.' 12/12/11
Daily Mail: 'Power showers, garden sprinklers and why most of the water we use goes down the drain. ' 28/11/11
Sunday Times Business: 'Durban Climate Talks: Show us the way to grow green.' 27/11/11
Daily Mail: 'That's what you call sealing love with a kiss. Touching interaction of seal pups and mums at nursery for 1,000 births.' 26/11/11
Daily Express: 'Second hand Britain is booming.'  17/11/11
Daily Mail: 'Spring in November? Has nature ever been this topsy turvey?' 15/11/11
Daily Mail: 'Silly Billies: Why would nine goats climb a tree?' 04/11/11
Observer: 'Europe's opposition to GM crops is 'arrogant hypocrisy', Kenyan scientist warns.' 23/10/11
Daily Mail: 'The Great Shower Gel Con' 13/10/11
Daily Mail:  'The end of the conker?' 10/10/11
Sunday Times: 'Thorium: Thor forges safer nuclear power.' 9/10/11
The Guardian: 'Woeful 2011 for blackberry crop.' 29/09/11
Daily Mail: 'The real stag nights: As female deer gather for their one day of sex a year, no wonder the stags are going a bit crazy.' 29/09/11
Sunday Times: 'There's gold in that there dust: how precious metals are being extracted from UK road sweepings.' 25/09/11
Sunday Times Business: 'The streets are paved with platinum'. 25/09/11
Daily Mail: 'Will a vast gas field turn Blackpool into the Dallas of the North? Or will tapping into this precious resource cause earthquakes and poison the water in your tap?' 23/09/11
Daily Mail: 'A washout summer but huge swathes of Britain are still officially in drought.' 17/09/11
Daily Mail: 'Moth invasion could kill off our horse chestnuts in 20 years as they spread to every county in England.' 10/09/11


Observer: 'How genetics can create the next superstar racehorse.' 22/06/14
The Times: 'Why hungry men appreciate the fuller figure.' 06/06/14
The Times: 'Why World Cup referees will struggle to keep cool heads in Brazil.' 05/06/14
The Times: 'Background noise comes with a health warning.' 04/06/14
Daily Mail: 'Why Lucky 7 really is the world's magic  number.' 10/04/14
Daily Mail: 'It's the Southern Lights! Aurora Borealis is seen in Gloucestershire as spectacular solar display colours the night sky across Britain.' 01/03/14
Daily Mail: 'How long before YOU are eating frankenfish.' 2/12/13
Observer: 'The psychology of spiritualism: science and seances.' 20/10/13
Daily Mail: 'Biological immortality - do lobsters hold the key to eternal life?' 12/09/13
Sunday Times: 'The awkward silence over your genetic flaws.' 06/01/13
Sunday Times: 'Think you were perfect Dad? I'll show you.' 04/11/12
Daily Mail: 'Of course I can talk! Shame you're too dim to understand. After a beluga whale outstands its keepers by speaking like a human, why your pet may be far chattier than you ever imagined.' 24/10/12
Daily Mail: 'Lazarus Syndrome: how waking from the dead is more common than you might think.' 17/10/12
Daily Mail: 'Mountains of Mars. Bleak grandeur of the Red Planet is captured by Nasa's £1.6 billion robot.' 28/08/12
The Times Eureka magazine: 'A Gold Medal for Convenience: The Science of Crowd Dynamics.' 02/08/12
The Times: 'Brain scans prove we're crazy in love.'  16/06/12
Daily Mail: 'Want sweet dreams? Now there's an app for that.' 10/04/12
Daily Mail: 'Oh do put it away Simon. (The chest hair that is... you only flash it to prove you're a dominant male.)' 07/02/12
Daily Mail: 'As scientists learn how to translate brainwaves into words...Could a machine read your innermost thoughts?' 02/02/12
Daily Mail: 'How a room full of flowers can help romance blossom.' 20/01/12.
Daily Mail: 'Graphene: The wonder stuff that could change the world.' 6/10/11
Daily Mail: 'Is time running out for GMT?' 4/10/11
Daily Mail: 'The woman who never forgets anything: is hyperthymesia a curse or blessing?' 3/10/11
Daily Star Sunday: 'Eight out of 10 men would have sex with a stranger, psychologist finds.' 4/09/11
Daily Mail: 'Harry Potter time-freezing binoculars that offer instant action replays.' 19/08/11


Daily Mail Femail: 'Headaches. Hair loss. Even strokes and cancer. The terrible cost to your body of a broken heart.' 27/02/14
Observer: 'Should we be mindful of mindfulness?' 23/02/14
Observer: 'Why acupuncture is giving sceptics the needle.' 28/07/13
Daily Mail Femail: 'Could daily vitamin pills take years off your life?' 24/07/13
Daily Mail Femail: 'Is there any point in buying Factor 50 sun cream?'18/07/13
Daily Mail Femail: 'How wrinkle creams could wreck your skin - the rise of cosmetics skin allergies.' 11/07/13
The Times: 'Commuters too polite to pass on bugs.' 07/06/13
The Times: 'How Jane Austen caught the zeitgeist of medical belief.' 07/06/13
The Times: 'Studies that started HRT scare were'flawed' says specialist.' 06/06/13
The World Today: 'Alzheimer's Disease - A cruellist final chapter.' April 2013
Daily Mail: 'As doctors warn it can cause a dangerous reaction with a host of common drugs - the truth about grapefruit.'  29/11/12
Daily Mail: 'Beware of the cat. Scientists say 1,000 people are day are being infected by a terrifying feline parasite.' 05/09/12
Daily Mail: 'Why 2012 is set to be one of the worst years ever for hayfever.' 03/05/12
The Guardian: 'Pituitary glands grown from mouse embryonic stem cells.' 09/11/11
The Guardian: 'Switch to Central European Time could boost children's physical activity.' 09/11/11
Observer: 'We are what our mums ate.' 06/11/11
Daily Express: 'Poor men, they really do suffer more when they're ill.' 19/09/11

Environment and Science

Daily Mail 2007 - 2011

'Beware Planet of the Apes experiments, warn scientists.' July 22nd 2011.
Travel: 'Five Go Glamping. Luxury tents and free-range fy ups at Feather Down.' May 26th 2011
'Home Sweet Home, 8,500BC. Oldest house in Britain is unearthed,' August 11th 2010
'Our paradise lost: revealed, the 492 native species driven to extinction,' March 11th 2010
'Bluehenge unearthed: Scientists uncover Stonehenge's little sister.' October 3rd 2009
'Prince Charles declares war on grey squirrels to save our native reds.' June 4th 2009
Welcome to Thanet Earth: the biggest greenhouse in Britain.' June 12 2008
'Life on Mars? Crystal clear images which give us our best ever view of the red planet.' May 27th 2008
'Starmageddon: As thousands of starfish wash up on our beaches, just what IS destroying one of nature's little marvels?' March 20th 2008
'Jodrell Bank telescope could close to save Government £2.7 million a year.' March 7th 2008
'Banish the Bags: The Mail launches a campaign to clean up the country and the planet.' February 27th 2008
'Return of the blackout: crime fear as councils turn off street lights to save planet.' February 11th 2008
'Inside the transplant tourist trade: the desperate men of One Kidney Island.' December 4th 2007
'Spot the invader! British ladybirds under threat by rival harlequin breed.' November 9th 2007
'10,000 year-old mummified mammoth is the most perfect ever discovered.' July 11th 2007
'How children lost the right to roam in four generations.' June 15th 2007

Consumer Affairs and Science
Daily Telegraph 2001 - 2007

'Introducing Twitter - proof that cyberspace is the home of twitterers.' March 27 2007
'Pot of Tea? That'll be £20.' February 21st 2007
'Christmas is no longer in the shop window.' December 7th 2006
'Nintendo Wii - the can't have Christmas gadget.' November 25th 2006
'Peter Gabriel unveils software that knows your musical tastes,' October 27th 2006
'The world raises its glass to England's winemakers.' July 21st 2006
'Mark Gatiss on new Doctor Who.' March 19th 2005
'The 10 ugliest cars.' October 12, 2005
'Crumbs! Why can't toasters make good toast?' August 4th 2005
'Xbox 360 vs PlayStation3: Let the battle commence.'  May 18th 2005
'They have ways of making you spend: the psychological tricks used by shops.'  December 31st 2004
'Reagan's admission has done the power of good for Alzheimer's research.' June 7th 2004
'Do scientific laws underpine our appreciation of paintings?' February 24th 2004
'Proof of global warming or just hot air?' February 7th 2004
'In the rush to protect children, doctors use junk science,.' December 13th 2003
'Visions of Science Photography Awards 2003.'  September 24th 2003
'Archaeologists discover Roman high street in Northamptonshire.' May 12th 2003
'Henry VIIII stamped out Industrial Revolution.'  June 21st, 2002
'Did Shakespeare seek inspiration in Cocaine?' March 8th 2001

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