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David Derbyshire is an award-winning freelance journalist who writes about the environment, science and the countryside. He has more than 17 years' experience writing features and news stories for Britain's national newspapers.

As the Daily Mail's first Environment Editor, he covered everything from UN climate change talks and wind farms, to the plight of red squirrels and the decline of bumble bees. 

He has also been the Mail's Science Correspondent, the Daily Telegraph's Consumer Affairs Editor and the Telegraph's Science and Medical Correspondent.

Based in Hampshire, he has written for a wide range of national newspapers and magazines - including the Daily Mail, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, the Observer, the Daily Express and the Daily Star Sunday - as a freelance journalist.

He uses his extensive experience in print journalism to offer media training and consultancy to universities, scientists, charities and businesses.

Recent Stories and Features

Daily Mail: 'Inconvenient truth about your wood burning stove: they can be bad for the environment and your health.' 26/11/16

Daily Mail: 'The true cost of your takeaway coffee: the chains suggest the 7m cups we use daily can be recycled. What rubbish, says David Derbyshire.' 8/11/16

Daily Mail: 'How ''Green'' George's trendy coffee pods are damaging the planet: Nespesso capsules advertised by Hollywood star Clooney come under fire.' 9/9/16

Daily Mail: 'Invasion of the cannibal Spanish Slugs.' 3/9/16

Daily Mail Femail: 'Why we're all suddenly getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.' 1/9/16

Daily Mail: 'Plastic microbeads and microplastic: a poison worse than any oil spill.' 29/8/16

Daily Mail: 'Microbeads - the tiny plastic beads choking the planet. They're in everything from shower gel to toothpate - poisoning marine life and risking our health. As the Mail launches a campaign to ban them, here's all you need to know about the microbeads menace'. 25/8/16

Daily Mail: 'The pig that can do jigsaws (and other amazing stories that show how clever animals really are).' 16/6/16

International Business Times: 'The new dietary advice on fat being our friend is dangeous.' 23/5/16

Daily Mail: 'Why the cold snap will make your man frisky and other bizarre ways our lives are affected by the freezing weather.' 16/2/16

Daily Mail: 'What is the most effective way to banish hiccups? Could rubbing your ear work better than holding your breath?' 2/2/16

Daily Mail: 'Agony of seabirds strangled by plastic on Grassholm. The disturbing photos of gannets trapped in rubbish thrown from ships.' 8/1/16

Daily Mail:
'Are your goldfish sabotaging your wifi? Or is it your Christmas tree lights? Follow these top tips to keep your internet up to speed.' 3/12/15

Daily Mail: 'Could a dog fly a plan? Believe it or not, a team of respected British documentary makers are trying to prove just that.' 1/12/15

Daily Mail: 'It's not just colds that can make you sneeze - sex can too.  The explanations behind the most exposive of winter habits.' 26/11/15

Daily Mail: 'Keep your hands off my Fruit and nut. First they messed with his Creme Eggs. Then his beloved Dairy Milk. But now, says David Derbyshire, Cadbury's US owners have gone too far.' 6/11/15

Daily Mail: 'Is the secret of your personality hidden in your cheeks? Or even your thumbs. Try these ingeniously simple tests to reveal your true character.' 5/11/15

Daily Mail: 'Sleep paralysis and the evil spirits who visit the sleeping and leave sufferers paralysed with terror.' 22/10/15

Daily Mail: 'Toxic facts about the dash for diesel.' 24/9/15

Daily Mail: 'Healthy lettuce? You might as well eat cardboard! The growing movement against the blandest of vegetables.' 5/9/15

Daily Mail: 'Revealed: What makes the PM's Pringles so addictive.' 19/08/15.

Daily Mail: 'Who needs soil? Farmers grow strawberries in pots hanging from the ceilings of high-tech greenhouses.' 16/7/15

Daily Mail: 'Is this the world's most dangerous drink? Devotees say raw milk's the ultimate health food. So why do scientists think it's so toxic...' 2/7/15

Daily Mail: 'Are all short men little Napoleons? It's often said smaller men tend to be chippy and aggressive. But what's the scientific evidence?' 16/6/15

Daily Mail: 'Can you speak cat? How to decode your moggie's body language.' 16/6/15

More Stories

Observer: 'Dinosaurs on screen: Face or fantasy? Would the real T. rex stand up.' 14/6/15

Daily Mail: 'Chocolates that make you look longer? It's every chocolate lover's dream but can it possibly be true?' 4/06/15

Land Business: 'GM Crops - Future food or Farming Folly?' Spring 2015

Daily Mail: 'Is ANY bottled water better than tap? Our investigation may surprise you - and save you a small fortune.' 16/05/15

Daily Mai: 'Is sweetener hidden in 6,000 products a danger to your health? As Pepsi drop aspartame in America - yet keep it in YOUR drinks - scientists insist it's totally safe.' 15/05/15

Daily Mail: 'Artichoke flavour. Birch tree sap. Even black water. How 'plant waters' are the new celebrity health fad.' 12/05/15

Daily Mail: 'How your dog could give you a killer disease: superbugs, parasites, TB - read on and you may never let your pet lick your face again.' 27/04/15

Daily Mail: 'Turn down the brightness, close down apps and keep it cool: Simple tips on how to make your mobile battery last longer.' 07/04/15

Institute of Food Technologists Future Food 2050: 'Arresting food fraud.' 18/3/15

Observer: 'Why people leave their bodies to medical research - and what happens.' 10/03/15

Daily Mail: 'Is organic milk really a better pinta? As one in four households now buy it due to cheaper prices, David Derbyshire investgates.' 16/02/15

Daily Mail: 'Dippy vs Bluey! Battle of the BIG beasts: as the Natural History Museum's beloved diplodocus dinosaur faces being replaced by a blue whale, which is the most awesome?' 30/01/15

Institute of Food Technologists Future Food 2050: 'Feeling full on less food.' 20/01/15

Even More Stories


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